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Yesterday, 02:23 AM

90% of the plastic in the oceans comes from river systems in Asia and Africa, incidentally, and a plurality of that is from China.

They should charge Chinese people 20p per carrier bag in Sainsburys then, and give everyone else theirs for 10p.

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27 February 2020 - 10:37 PM

I'm hearing anecdotally that many plastic goods are running low here in the US. It's probably a combination of decreased exports from China, and people hoarding in case of shortages down the road. As long as it's plastic trinkets, no big deal. So, what if it's medicine containers? What if it's the medicines themselves? The world's antibiotics are, with very little exaggeration, all made in China. 
Not to go too far off topic but this is an aspect of our society that isn't talked about nearly enough: the end of Western manufacturing is really not just an economic issue but an issue of life and death. We have no capacity to make these things ourselves. We are completely and 100% reliant on a sometimes-hostile foreign nation to keep our hospitals running, and we did these things for a quick buck.
The hilarious part is that businesses like clothing and electronics saw the flaw in this scheme long before health did. Supply chains in clothing are now far more diffuse and distributed in part because, okay, Vietnam and Bangladesh are cheaper, but also because a child could tell you that having a single supplier in a single city in a single country is a risky proposition. Seemingly our genius medical administrators didn't get the memo. (Or, more accurately, they did, but they didn't care to pay attention. See: https://www.amazon.c...e/dp/1633883817).
This relentless drive to make more and more money, and to integrate more and more markets, and to import and export more and more, may have increased GDP, but it's also made the world much, much more dangerous.
Another part that worries me is that China, which is an unfree society with massive state power, tried to contain this, and failed. Hardly any countries have even half the state power or control of China, and most far less than that. If this spreads, via Chinese migrant workers, to places like Angola, where the government has little to no control over much of the country, and no effective way of policing the high-density areas, then we could be looking at a humanitarian disaster. To be clear, I don't think this is going to happen, but it once again shows the fragility of the interconnected world and how pathetically unable we are to deal with anything even slightly disruptive.

The bit in bold, the Chinese are really smart as fuck. They corner the market in creating epidemics and theyve also cornered the market in creating the antidotes too.


There is really a simple solution here to that problem:

1) America has loads of Chinese people.
2) The world's oceans are full of plastic.
3) Get your own Chinese people to make all your plastic crap out of recycled plastic fished out the oceans.

Make America Great again. :)

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27 February 2020 - 09:47 PM



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26 February 2020 - 01:30 PM

Why do the Chinese keep creating virus pandemics and why do they always get some unsuspecting suckers to become the scapegoats to take the heat of them? It was Toronto with Sars, now with this virus its the Italians.

What the world Health Organization needs to do is consult the greatest medical professionals available, and come up with a solution. It will only cost a bottle of Thunderbird, 20 Mayfair, 4Rolls and yesterday's Daily Record. Granted the prescription is likely to be random pictures of frogs, but surely that's better than nothing?

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26 February 2020 - 12:42 AM

Morton have been a Greenock club for the entirety of their 146 years of unbroken history, yet are suffering from declining crowds.
Would you be happy for Morton to move to somewhere like East Kilbride or Irvine?

If moving away from Greenock was going to be the salvation of the club, then it would be worth considering. However, the crowds which Morton are currently getting are relatively comparable with similar clubs in similar sized towns such as Ayr United, QotS, Raith Rovers etc. So whilst were not getting the massive crowds of yesteryear, we're not in too bad a state in that respect. Also, whilst there may be some Morton supporters from elsewhere, the overwhelming majority of Morton supporters will be from Greenock, Gourock and the Port; so maybe removing Morton from its natural constituency wouldn't be the best thing for them.

Also, it's not exactly a like for like comparison with Clyde FC. Clyde were made homeless by their landlords, they were from an impoverished part of town which had high unemployment and other social issues, when they groundshared for a while through necessity it took them away from their natural constituency, then they found a new home in a new location. There is lot about Clyde FC which leaves a lot to be desired - including the location of Broadwood but the move to Cumbernauld was arguably the clubs salvation. They could have easily have went the same way as Clydebank otherwise.