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Who Is The Biggest Arsehole To Have Played For Morton?

18 July 2018 - 01:12 PM

Quite an apt topic I feel, given recent events, such as Thomas O'Ware's acrimonious departure, Scott McLaughlin's attention seeking and now Dean Keenan and Kieran McAnespie's online swipes at Reghan Tumilty for having the temerity to be pleased with himself in spite of a poor result.


As you'll see from the choices on offer, we have a plethora of pricks available, and almost exclusively from the same era, which I'd say is quite a disappointing point to note. I've been deliberate in excluding the likes of Tommy Turner and Andy Millen, as I don't think that merely signing for St. Mirren is really enough to include someone in such a Rogues' Gallery, but if there's anyone who you feel I've wrongly overlooked, feel free to let me know and they'll be included in the poll.


My personal choice would be "part time 'baller, full time rocker" Dominic Shimmin, a guy who, in spite of his obvious ability, and encouraging early performances, managed to do a right good job of pissing everyone off with his phantom injuries, only to miraculously recover in time for a Scottish Cup tie with Celtic in 2010.


Your thoughts, please?