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#1108872 Morton away vs. East Fife

Posted by Toby on 19 January 2019 - 10:09 PM

Vodka mostly.

Wrong account. At least JimJam doesn’t go near his AzeriTon account this weather.
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#1108453 Johansson's Future

Posted by Toby on 16 January 2019 - 08:42 PM

Bit bizarre that comment regarding our media officer when he is probably one of, or the only person at the club that can do his job more than competently. Definetly a big change since he’s arrived with information/interviews/videos actually coming from the club now.

It’s not really bizarre when you factor in that AzeriTon is an attention seeker who probably doesn’t even believe what he’s saying himself.

Small man syndrome’s running deep with this one.
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#1108283 alloa v morton

Posted by Toby on 14 January 2019 - 02:37 PM

BBC sport have a link to the own goal on their UK wide Sports Page now, asking if is the most calamitous own goal ever.

Fair play to Morton, they continue to find new ways to cause embarrassment. In the last few years we’ve had to endure losing ten goals against Hamilton, getting put out the cup by a non-league team, seeing an outfield player save a penalty against us and now that shambles of a goal on Saturday.

Aye, it’s a sh*te state of affairs. You often see fans of other clubs talking about “typical Thistle, typical Queens, typical Dundee” and the like. But really, does any club stumble from embarrassment to embarrassment quite like we do, and over such a sustained period? We’ve got a genuine claim to be the most laughable club in the UK for some of the ammunition we’ve given our detractors.

Sick of seeing Morton fans saying how funny it is too, notably on P&B. It’s not- it’s the latest in a long line of humiliations we’ve had to endure and it’s a wonder so many of us stick it out. Once again we’re a laughing stock to the extent that neutrals and fans of other clubs are questioning our squad’s integrity and suggesting they had Alloa on the coupon.

Maybe I take football to seriously, but it’s downright humiliating. Christ, being a Morton fan you become hardened to defeat and disappointment, but ffs, how many humiliating point-and-laugh moments do we have to endure, or is this just the hand that life’s dealt us?

You can’t throw the 2004 betting scandal, the subsequent years of failure to win promotion, the disgusting 2014 season, 10-2, Spartans and nationwide, possible worldwide humiliation with the power of social media at fans and continue to expect them to cut you some slack.

Supporting Morton’s grim, and I can’t see any way that’ll ever change. The only positive is that we’re not Rangers.
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#1108183 alloa v morton

Posted by Toby on 13 January 2019 - 12:17 AM

What is your scale for this? Raith Rovers are languishing in League 1. Dunfermline enjoyed a spell there more recently than us. But if you mean over last 25 years then sure.

I hate to say it but we don't attract big crowds and we suffer from the OF exodous every weekend. Whilst the club needs to do a lot more on the park, it has improved in the community and hopefully less youngsters will flock to the ugly sisters - especially with Rangers dying. Then when it moves into new ownership, hopefully there is some investment to match new ambition. We have definitely underperformed no doubt, but hopefully there is a new direction around the corner as I think Crawford lost his enthusiasm (understandably) when his dad passed.

So72 in making a complete c*nt of a post shocker.

Since we last played top tier football, Raith Rovers have won a League Cup, two second tier titles and played in Europe, against Bayern Munich no less. They also suffer from a Hearts/Hibs exodus that doesn’t afflict us. Off the top of my head, Dunfermline have played in a League Cup Final, and two Scottish Cup finals. Ayr, Airdrie (before they died), Queen of the South and Dundee have got to cup finals. Inverness, Ross County, St. Johnstone, Livingston and St. f*cking Mirren have won trophies. Killie have won both cups. Hamilton have established themselves in the top tier. How many cup finals have those peasants that unashamedly bumped our manger been to? I’ve not even started on Motherwell and Kilmarnock yet, should they really be considered as bigger than us? We haven’t made a Challenge Cup Final in 27 years!!

There are three certainties in life- death, taxes and Morton f*ccking things right up just at the point you think all’s well in the world.

I’d love to say things were different, but they’re not. As soon as night follows day, when Morton look like they might actually go on a run, they lose. That’s the way of the world. I’d love to blame the current incumbent, but it’s not even his fault. It’s a disease our club was, is, and always will be riddled with. It’s not even an issue with the Raes, either.

That’s the way it is, lads. One of Partick and Falkirk will go down this season, and we’ll have a right good laugh at their expense. But both will play Premiership football before we do, and it’s not funny anymore.

I eagerly await someone turning up and proving me wrong, but we sat in the pub before the game today and counted 15 mangers since McGraw who have failed to take us to the top divsion for a variety of reasons.

If Ayr go up this season, there’ll only be two clubs in the land that we can point and laugh at. And Airdrie I’m past caring about.

We’re Greenock Morton, we’re better than you.
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#1107916 Morton vs Foreign Opposition

Posted by Toby on 11 January 2019 - 01:06 PM

We actually won that game 3-2 against Zenit Leningrad, in 1972.


My sister in law found this badge on Ebay a few years ago and got it for my Christmas;




There was of course the 1-3 defeat by Unirea Urziceni in 2009 as well, before they drew Rangers in the Champions League.


A few years later, they died. And so did Unirea Urziceni.

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#1107827 January Transfer Window Thread

Posted by Toby on 09 January 2019 - 09:57 PM

I don't think vikingTON would sanction a three year deal for Tidser mate.

You’re wrong there, AzeriTon- I’m not your mate.
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#1107547 Championship 2018-19 Thread

Posted by Toby on 05 January 2019 - 08:52 PM

The only solution for this is a charity boxing match.
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#1107433 Morton vs Ross County

Posted by Toby on 04 January 2019 - 11:40 PM

To all the folk on here who it seems would prefer to see us get beat, up yees.

Not just those on here. There’s also a bitter Sevco fan who masquerades as a Morton fan, an alcoholic tramp and his lapdog to consider that are no longer posting on here, but undoubtably read it to see what we’re saying about them.

Round you all, dickheads.
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#1107027 happy new year

Posted by Toby on 31 December 2018 - 08:39 PM

Don’t know if I’d prefer him to die in his sleep, or see him take Falkirk down.

Nobody’s asking you to make a choice, I’d prefer both.
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#1107025 happy new year

Posted by Toby on 31 December 2018 - 08:03 PM

Ernie will be conked out in the kitchen after tanning his 3rd bottle of ALDI whiskey by now so have a sh*ter when (if) you wake up on Thursday.

All the best to everyone else, except of course, Ray McKinnon.
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#1106981 January Transfer Window Thread

Posted by Toby on 30 December 2018 - 11:39 PM

Good riddance to the **** then. Enjoy Falkirk ****ing little snake same goes for any other **** that leaves or signs a pre contract with then hounded to **** for as long as they play football.

Your genuine, heartfelt hatred for Falkirk is magnificent.
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#1106820 Traffic Chaos tomorrow

Posted by Toby on 29 December 2018 - 12:59 AM

We'll take a s***e support tomorrow. Can't see any issue. I'm taking my daughter to the SECC carnival instead. I'm utterly bored with Morton and in danger of slipping away altogether.

Colin Darroch patter, this. Sort yourself out.
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#1106796 Championship 2018-19 Thread

Posted by Toby on 28 December 2018 - 04:25 PM

I'm sure many like myself were a bit pissed off that there were no Boxing Day fixtures in the league, but the knock on effect of every other major league having fixtures on Boxing Day is that there's nothing tonight.


There's a local derby in the Highlands and kiddie-on derbies at Partick, Grangemouth and Dumfries tomorrow, all 3pm kick offs. Tonight would've been the perfect opportunity to be showing a Championship game on the telly without any real competition for viewers,and without the travel problems that the Ross County fans will endure next week to come to us.


Admittedly the only game that's up against next week is Tranmere v Tottenham in the FA Cup, but surely if there was ever a chance for the SPFL to showcase the Championship, today's the day?

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#1106637 Morton vs Whoever we're playing

Posted by Toby on 24 December 2018 - 09:52 AM

I wouldn't consider him a club legend and if that's how it came across then I've worded it poorly.

What I meant was that I bought in to the rhetoric at the time that a club legend was returning, but when I really thought about it once he'd returned and I'd saw him play again I realised that he's considered more of a returning hero for the career he had once he left us and not actually a status his performances with us the first time round actually merited, and that he's one of the symbols of our laughable failure to get out the seaside leagues for years.

His performances since he returned have done nothing to dispel that opinion of him in my eyes, as we slither towards another disaster of a season on his watch.

Aye, I had a good idea where you were coming from. The only thing I’d dispute though is the career he had once he left us. He played for Hamilton and Dundee as well as an injury hit spell at Blackpool.

Let’s keep it in perspective here- much as I can’t go the boy, Bachirou he ain’t. He had an average career after leaving Morton, not much more than that.
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#1106634 Morton vs Whoever we're playing

Posted by Toby on 24 December 2018 - 08:49 AM

You obviously got fooled into believing that Jim McAllister was a club legend in the first place then.

It probably says more about how sh*te Morton have been for the last generation or so that anybody would even consider him in that bracket than it does about port-ton tbf.

Assuming of course he’s not throwing a bit of bait out that you’ve gleefully gobbled up.
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