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Yesterday, 08:59 PM

Huh? :huh:

A combination of VAR, extremely officious (but unfortunately correct) refereeing and shiting the bed got the girls knocked out of the World Cup.

In Topic: Morton Etiquette

Yesterday, 12:39 PM

Remember them playing Hibs in the late 80s/early 90s in the UEFA Cup, and then they seemed to appear from nowhere again last season.

Who knocked them out of Last season’s Europa League? If I didn’t watch it I certainly caught a bit of it.

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Yesterday, 12:32 PM

It's a bit opportunistic, but so what? It still makes a point, the only way anything bad can really come of it is if the neanderthals of the country come crawling out from their caves to cause a scene about it.

It’s because their support is riddled with prejudice regarding faith yet they’ve continued to ignore it (publicly at least) and are now jumping onto a hot topic in order to make themselves look progressive, forward thinking and open to all, when in actual fact that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Absolutely rotten to the core.

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18 June 2019 - 04:20 PM


In Topic: New Away Kit Vote

18 June 2019 - 03:10 PM

I didn't mean that the Morton board would kill for the publicity as they clearly wouldn't. Morton as a club would though.

Fans on here have cried out for years that we get no publicity, and some of the scraps of publicity we've had in recent years that fans have been happy about are nothing compared to what Partick have got by thinking outside the box and pandering to the media. That's exactly what all clubs our size should be doing as no one is going to knock down our door looking to publicise Morton.


Enough of this throwing logic in the face of my bitter resentment.


I don't disagree, and it's something I've bemoaned on here for years, although I would argue that their location lends them to that sort of publicity- third biggest club in the big city, just down the road from the old BBC HQ, great Glasgow alternative, birthday caird pish. They clearly have been far more pro-active than us in all my time supporting Morton, and maybe I'm just a thick old bigot by questioning the motives of this one, but if it was any other club than them or Celtic I doubt I'd bat an eyelid.


That's a club that's swept their sectarianism problem under the carpet whilst looking to portray themselves as a lovable, inclusive cuddly toy, which is so far removed from reality it's unreal.


Whilst our own failings aren't to be forgotten about, I'm afraid I'll not be patting Partick fucking Thistle on the back for being opportunist, rather than inclusive.