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Right-backs over the past decade

13 September 2019 - 11:55 PM

My brother and I were talking about our right-back woes, and we both concluded sadly that it's been a problem position for a long while. Lee Kilday had a good run there before he went off the boil, and injuries no doubt played their part in that. But I reckon you have to go back to David Van Zanten in 2009 before you find a right-back we had on a permanent deal - no loans - whom you could call a competitive, top-end, consistent Championship player. (Notwithstanding the fact that we weren't in the Championship for some of this time, of course.) Am I forgetting someone?


We've had decent players in all other positions, sometimes more than one at a time, but this one is a sticking point.

Dave Timmins

03 August 2019 - 07:07 PM

Have we conceded enough goals yet that we can state the obvious - this gormless* simpleton is the latest in a long line of English nobodies to end up in 'recruitment' in Scottish football, and promptly sign a family-sized assortment of absolute muck from AFC Hovis and other bin outfits? "Oh, it's just the jock league, hur hur, Sam Ramsbottom can wear the number one jersey."

This guy should have his recruitment role taken from him, otherwise we we are in very real danger of doing a Falkirk.

Absolutely nobody without a *primary* knowledge of the Scottish league should have anything approaching a deciding say over recruitment. There is simply not value in the English lower leagues because most of the players are dung, and anyone good is already scouted or earning more than we're likely to match.

*look at his picture on the official site and tell me this is a man who could pass a field sobriety test after six months in Tehran.

A-Z of football quizzes

22 May 2019 - 02:12 AM

I'm making 16-answer quizzes for each letter of the alphabet* and uploading one each weekday until I'm finished. You can find them here:




Right now we're up to L.


I'd be interested in any feedback. I'm trying to make it so that:


i) a casual football fan can get at least a few answers right

ii) someone who isn't into football (as some Sporcle users are) can get one or two

iii) even obscure answers can sometimes be achieved via some lateral thinking, or process of elimination

iv) while the quizzes give some bias towards the Premier League - since they're in English, this makes sense - you'll be served better with some European and indeed global football knowledge

v) despite all the above, you need to be a serious football fanatic to get 16/16


*I may combine X and Y. Q and Z are no problem - I've already started drafting them and will easily manage them - but X is likely to be a bridge too far. So... it might be 25 quizzes instead of 26.