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In Topic: The Easdale’s Shares

17 February 2019 - 09:07 PM

The Easdale's spokesperson confirmed earlier in the season that they were in talks to take over. Until someone else says otherwise then those talks are still ongoing and pretty certain nobody else (recently) has shown a clear interest to the same degree they have.

Where did you see/hear that?

Also, that Jack Irvine character from Mediahouse is a bit of a bulls*** artist:

In Topic: The Easdale’s Shares

17 February 2019 - 06:46 PM

If Ramsay still wants to invest in football then you'd imagine he'd turn his attention to the MLS. As far as I know he lives in Los Angeles (I wonder if it's near a certain Tottenham supporting photographer's LA studio). It's a far more commercially viable league then the second tier in Scotland.

In fairness to Gordon Ramsay, although he's an A-list celebrity, I think he has a genuine love of normal football and I don't think that the MLS would satisfy the passions as much as an English or Scottish league side would.

In Topic: The Easdale’s Shares

16 February 2019 - 12:22 PM

To be fair Gordon Ramsey's was a throwaway comment in a wide ranging interview and was about something he'd like to do sometime in the future.
It was not in any way an expression of interest in buying the club at that time.
Maybe Crawford should give him a call nonetheless.

To be fair, Gordon Ramsay did say "I have been keeping an eye out for the right kind of club to invest in and it will definitely be a side from north of the border," he told The Sun.

"Morton would be my first choice because my dad, Gordon, was a supporter and we have strong family ties in the Greenock area."

The guy is worth over £100m and has a chain of restaurants, a TV career, book publishing deals and lots of licensing agreements which alone would pay for Morton's playing budget several times over.

However the stock response to a guy of this wealth expressing his interest is "Och naw, we waant thu Eeeze-dales". With support like some of the cretins that follow Morton, perhaps the club deserve to go to the wall or constantly be in the mire.

In Topic: The Easdale’s Shares

16 February 2019 - 12:03 PM

It was, therefore the club's response in warning him off was all wrong. The call you say could be made now, should have also been made then. A thank you for the kind words he said about the club, offer any opportunities to get involved then from a sponsorship point of view or even creating a Gordon Ramsay Morton pie which could have generated a lot of positive PR.Instead, we gave a few extra headlines by warning him off and that was it.

Talking of Pies, he (GR) would have torn strips of the MD of Auld's earlier in the season for serving up those horrible greasy Pies as well as the crap excuses that followed.

In Topic: The Easdale’s Shares

16 February 2019 - 12:45 AM

Sadly I think Ramsay will have moved onto bigger and better things by now. He now has the money to buy into clubs of a far bigger standing in the world than Morton, and seems to be based permanently in the US. I could see him buying into a football club but I can't see it being Morton.

I think that you're probably right but as a club we should perhaps rue the day when DDFR didn't take Gordon Ramsay's interest seriously, especially when those who are considered to be only possible successors to the Rae Family are a pair of local businessmen whom have a 'chequered past' to say the very least.

All this happened whilst Jim McColl and then Stuart Duncan masqueraded as club directors using the GMST ticket.