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  1. Incidentally, MacKinnon was the Commercial Director at Clyde and the Media and Communications one at Hamilton before coming to Morton, so he's hardly a novice on that front. Admittedly this is hardly a revelatory thought, but when the same issues keep happening over time, it's fair to assume that things like maximising incomes don't feature too highly on the remit given to employees from the owners.
  2. If you're that worried about that then hold it back, but it's not really much of an excuse. If it was a one-off then it'd maybe be fair enough, but Morton have been consistently rotten at anything that approaches marketing for years. You'd have thought the Social Media Co-ordinator could have put something together, given that he clearly has a penchant for touting his wares all over the shop.
  3. Nothing wrong with the 1874 thing as a concept, but the branding on strips etc has always just looked dodgy so far. The new logo looks like something from a weans toy, to be honest. I’d like to hope that the training range can improve and that we can get some custom stuff on that front via the current manufacturers though. The 1874 branding could work really with that if it was done properly.
  4. Wonder if the toilets will have hot water at the sinks.
  5. Haven’t bought a strip in years (haven’t liked any of them enough) but will probably get this one although it’ll depend on the material etc. Not too keen on the 1874 thing though, looks a bit tacky.
  6. Aye, me too. Wouldn’t have been inclined to listen to anything after that anyway, even if I didn’t know anything else about it.
  7. Sounds like some old jakey in a pub ranting at some wee guy who’s just never actually watched a game saying “aw aye, ah like aw the footballers, so I do” in an attempt to placate them. Which, funnily enough, is almost exactly what it is.
  8. I always enjoy the deployment of one of his wee phrases whenever it turns out he's been talking shite and doesn't actually have an answer.
  9. What are you even on about here?
  10. Just tell Hearts that they either play in the Championship or they don’t play at all. Nothing untoward or illegal has happened, it’s simply a case of mental circumstances hastening their inevitable demise. In Partick’s case, I think you can (looking at it objectively, as personally I think it’s hilarious) have a wee bit of sympathy given how tight it was at the bottom, but ultimately they were still at the bottom of a league featuring a few pretty honking teams (and a couple of part-time ones) after three quarters of the season. It’s a boot in the baws for sure but they’re not the poor relative or the plucky underdog of the division; if you’re going to go about giving it the big ‘un about how important a club you are and all the rest of it, then it’s your own fault for being shite. How exactly are those bigger things working out, Thomas O’Ware?
  11. Even being called “Slaney” makes him sound like a prize tadger.
  12. Ah, fair enough. Can’t claim to be an expert on his time at Hearts but would imagine the point still stands.
  13. Aye, I don’t really know much about the podcast, but nobody with a modicum of knowledge of the Scottish leagues could possibly suggest Witteveen as being anywhere close to the one of the worst players to play in them.
  14. As much as I appreciate that finishing the season early isn’t an ideal scenario, I struggle to see any credible basis for all of the whinging and moaning that’s going on. The entire fuckin world has gone to pot, there’s a couple of thousand (and counting) dead people in Scotland, none of us know when we’ll see our friends and family again, or if our jobs will still exist: in the incomprehensible and unpredictable situation we’re in, I can’t got the life of me see that the conclusion that’s been reached is really all that bad or unjust. Nothing can carry on as normal, and losing a few rounds of fixtures isn’t a big price to pay in the grand scheme. Four clubs who performed really badly over the season miss out on a few attempts to salvage their position, but tough luck. Aside from that, the leagues were all at the end of the third quarter, so it’s not even as if there’s any imbalance in fixtures: everybody has played each other the same number of times, so the standings as they are aren’t unfair in any way. It’s not perfect and it’s a boot in the baws for the relegated clubs, but that’s just how it has to be. If they didn’t want to be involved in relegations, they shouldn’t have been shite at football for three quarters of the season.
  15. “The Partick Thistle Board is deeply angered by the decision to halt league reconstruction due to “insufficient support for any prospect of league reconstruction at this time” after a meeting of Premiership clubs. As the reconstruction group hadn’t even formally presented a final proposal, it is surprising and disappointing that this decision could be made regardless.” It’s not really surprising, is it? Nobody’s actually interested in whatever preservation scheme Budge & co cooks up, there’s no point wasting anybody’s time pretending otherwise.
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