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  1. Pretty sure I’ve said it elsewhere on here, but at 31 I’d like to see us bring in Stephen McGinn if the price is right. There must be more left in his tank than there was in both Millar’s and McAlister’s when they arrived here. Regarding Ramsbottom, I actually think we’re being a bit too kind to him by wishing him luck but saying he’s not up to the required standard. The amount of times I saw him cutting about at half time last season with his hands in the pockets of a massive big coat doing keepie ups instead of facing shots and crosses on the off chance that, you know, he might be called into action and want to be properly prepared for it, was infuriating. Not only has he been the worst goalkeeper I can recall in my time watching Morton, I’d question how much he wants to be a professional footballer from what I’ve seen of him when he’s been a substitute. I won’t pretend to be an expert on how a goalkeeper should prepare themselves at half time in the unlikely event of being needed, but I can’t imagine his “work” is in the textbook.
  2. It’s good, but lacks Dean Matthew looking visibly upset. Tontastic had a brilliant picture of Monti celebrating the winner that day, I’ll see if I can dig that out. EDIT:
  3. Pretty sure it was Dunning that dug that one out, but I used it when working on the biggest arsehole thread a few years ago. The picture was quite appropriate for that thread.
  4. 2-0 win. Caldwell and Peaso in League One, January 2015. The 4-2 win was in the First Division, December 2012.
  5. Barcelona making a rip-roaring cunt of winning the Spanish League since the lifting of lockdown has also been some laugh. Sadly though, it looks like Leeds won’t be falling apart again.
  6. A lot of them hanging about outside a football ground tonight with scant regard for the safety of others. Just for a wee change.
  7. Well done to everyone who contributed, give yourselves a pat on the back.
  8. Back in 2004, their inbred fans turned out at Broadwood to support Inverness in what was effectively a title decider against Clyde, supporting Inverness in the mistaken belief that the 6000 seat rule would prevent Inverness’s promotion to the SPL, see their daft wee rivals Clyde miss out and save their bogging club. Of course, Inverness won and they celebrated the result only for the SPL to allow Inverness to ground share at Pittodrie for a while, but let’s not forget for a second that they were more than happy to see others suffer for their gain back then. Now the shoe’s on the other foot they’re whining about the rest of us wanting to see a team that finished bottom of the league relegated. I’m afraid none of us should be taking any lesson’s in how to behave when our own clubs are in the position to look after our own interests from them. Get doon.
  9. No point in starting a new thread about it, and some will have seen it on Twitter already, but a mate of mine’s wife got in touch for his 40th birthday asking if I could help her out in getting a video of some players wishing him a happy birthday. I asked Brendan if he could help out and he got Chris Millar, Danny Rogers, Lewis Strapp, Aidan Nesbitt, Bob McHugh and Jim McAlister to record happy birthday messages and compiled them for me to send on to his wife. None of them had to do this of course, but for Brendan and the players to help us out was really good of them and much appreciated. My mate was of course delighted with his message, but more importantly so was his missus. He knows Morton’s good points and their failings, she only saw good from the help Brendan gave us when he really didn’t have to. The lad’s a credit to the club.
  10. Rikki Lamie signs for Motherwell. Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.
  11. That was suggested on our group chat, but they’re full time next season. Maybe Dumbarton, Duffy brought him here, so you’d imagine he’s a fan.
  12. Pretty sure I’d read recently that McHugh had trained as a gas and heating engineer. Might now be at that stage of his career that he’ll realise there’s more money to be made doing that with the nice wee top up of part time football. I certainly hope he doesn’t go to Falkirk anyway, I like Bob. Not seen anyone mention it yet, so I’ll be the first. Not sure he sees the Championship as his level now, but I’d take Stephen McGinn without a second thought.
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