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  1. Fair play to him. All the best Bob, hoped he would sign on again for this season as he’s really came on adding a bit more to his overall game. Hopefully we manage to keep as much of the squad together as possible without the obvious ones that aren’t quite up to it.
  2. Some guy from Smiths has the final say on what the end product is?
  3. That just looks proper amateurish from the club. We’ve got a local Celtic fan and Kevin Keegan as the intro for our official content? I can’t really work that one out tbh.
  4. Send them doon, send Thistle doon and keep Falkirk doon. Perfect!
  5. That is an absolute belter of a tear stained response. We could hilariously pick that apart all day long but I’m sure that will be happening on P&B already. They need to assess their options and their next step? Eat yer fucking dinner, enjoy League 1. What was it for McKinnon aswell, 60k? 😂😂😂😂 Get them liquidated post being pumped by Cove in the playoffs next season.
  6. FFS 😂 What an amateur.
  7. RIP Gerry. Great guy and brilliant teacher. Lots of great stories will be doing the rounds tonight with loads of folk reminiscing about some of his patter. His classroom was like a shrine to Morton with even a few foil pie wrappers making it up onto his wall! Very sad, taken well before his time.
  8. All that matters to me in this shitstorm is that Falkirk stay down, and hopefully go bust 👍🏻 Nicky Cadden signing a new deal would be the cherry on top though.
  9. Favourite has to be Love Street. Some cracking days out at Arbroath and Stranraer so they are worth a mention too. Worst would be Falkirk, Hamilton, and St Mirrens Lego dump.
  10. Step forward Ross MacLean. Absolutely hopeless and a chancer. Gets extra shite points for following McKinnon about.
  11. Enjoyed them too tbf, something Morton related to listen to on the daily commute can only be a good thing.
  12. We have let players go during the window so surely it should be a like for like replacement in terms of the actual budget and not MCT money that’s sorting this signing out? Feels like the club are being let off big time.
  13. Welsh on bench for Celtic today.
  14. Honestly have MacLean up there as one of the worst we’ve had in recent years. Did absolutely heehaw and the only person who thought he was a player was himself.
  15. Unbelievable. Fans aren’t allowed to express their opinion now, or only allowed to express an opinion if it ties in with the clubs? Warren would be firing out letters left, right and centre if that charlatan was still here.
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