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  1. I wouldn't object to having him back, seen as he might be a perfectly competent centre back. As long as he's not coming back to be anywhere near right back.
  2. Yet we had heard of Ryan Scully. Win some, lose some.
  3. McGinn's a player I'd expect to have interest from most of the clubs in the division, but assuming he lives somewhere near Paisley I'd hope that would give us an advantage over clubs who can pay more. At 31 he might not want to be driving up to Dundee or Dunfermline every day to protect his body, something Millar said really impacted him into his 30s at St Johnstone. While we're talking about obvious free agents, Danny Mullen will probably be a target for everyone other than Hearts. I'd expect we have little chance of getting him in normal circumstances if it's a divisional bidding war, but as he's worked with Hopkin before we might have a shot. They'll no doubt have options outside the well known lower end Premiership to mid-table Championship free agents as well, none of us had heard of Luca Colville, Cameron Salkeld or Sam Ramsbottom. Whether convincing players to relocate from another country is more difficult this year remains to be seen.
  4. I think a lot of clubs may be following the logic of keeping squads together as much as possible in the circumstances, but considering who we have under contract already the shortened season doesn't change who we should be keeping or releasing for me. The players to let go are all easy decisions. Keep: Tumilty, McAlister, Cadden, Nesbitt, Sutton (assuming he'll still be here as a coach anyway) Release: Ramsbottom, McLean, McGinty, Millar, Muirhead, Doolan Needing a goalkeeper and new defence to gel isn't ideal with a shortened season, but it's preferable to saddling ourselves with players we know aren't good enough. That'd leave us needing: First choice goalkeeper (Rogers?) Four defenders (Two starting centre backs, two to cover centre back and full back. Gunning?) First choice central midfielder in the same mould as McAlister, allows us to avoid starting him in every game at 35 First choice centre forward
  5. Speaking of Peterhead, Balmoor in 2014. We'll disregard the snake who scored and just recall the scenes. I believe there is also a gif of said scenes.
  6. Wild that Zlamal and Doyle have international caps. A pair of Ryan Scully level dunces.
  7. Watson's one of the better centre backs in the division when fit, but they'll be doing well to get 20 games out of him. It'd be a big risk for us to bring in someone with that injury record when the budget will presumably be even more constrained this season. Whittaker on the other hand was finished three years ago and I expect even at this level he'll get roasted. As it's a player coach role he's maybe there as a coach first and foremost, but I wouldn't want him near the Morton team as a player.
  8. Signed up for the webinar as soon as I saw that, no idea what it is but clearly significant. Without speculating too much on what it is, probably a reasonable guess that they're announcing what their plans are beyond the initial two year period and fundraising target? Can't think what else would merit that much hype.
  9. Another reason to bump this fine thread. Look at the state of this: https://www.falkirkfc.co.uk/2020/06/26/gary-deans-interview/ Absolute gold. "Are Falkirk the forgotten victims in all of this? That’s how it feels.'"
  10. Everyone will be aware that Jim Duffy was in hospital after a heart attack a few days ago. Dumbarton have announced that he's now back at home and recovering.
  11. So does this forum upgrade mean we can upload images as normal now? Just checking.
  12. Buchanan, Doyle and Johnstone released by Falkirk. Terrible wee shame.
  13. Mentioning their fans' conduct in the 03/04 season has reminded me of something I'd forgotten. You've said before how you disdain Partick getting on a high horse about Old Firm bigotry while their fans indulge in a sectarian song themselves, but that season while it was looking like Clyde were favourites they were guilty of some genuinely vile songs about 'gypsy bastards' and the like. All explained away with 'Clyde fans aren't actually gypsies though', apparently making it fine to throw around racist insults. That was when the BBC were showing the SPL as well, so you had songs like that being broadcast on BBC Scotland whenever Partick were on without it even getting an apology or any other comment from presenters or the media in general. It's downright weird that even now this form of racism still goes without consequences and people see nothing wrong with using derogatory terms against travellers, whereas racial slurs against other communities will quite rightly see those guilty facing severe consequences.
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