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  1. This is why fan ownership at Morton hasn't a hope of succeeding.
  2. You must be incredibly thick then, my name is Bill. That's where the 'Bee' part of King Bee comes into play. If it's none of my business, I can only presume your post telling us all about your cosy wee meet up with big Dave was an attention seeking exercise. Did he put you over his knee and tell you what a naughty boy you've been?
  3. He played on the first two league games of the season for Killie.
  4. No idea who you think I am. So did you go or not?
  5. How did your date with the headmaster go, or were you stood up?
  6. I used the National Records of Scotland. I see that's what Wikipedia have used too.
  7. It's the 23rd largest town in Scotland. ie Not one of the largest towns in Scotland.
  8. Clydebank is approximately half the size of Greenock. So not one of the largest towns in Scotland then.
  9. Maybe he doesn't like people from the borders.
  10. No problem here pal. You just sound a bit angry.
  11. Sounds like Gordon Tadger isn't the only one with an agenda pal.
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