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  1. MacKinnons on the reconstruction group https://spfl.co.uk/news/reconstruction-group-announced
  2. Another update from the club https://twitter.com/renfrew__/status/1239238183470206977?s=21
  3. Just a typo my friend, not much of a warning to say there’s money there for all
  4. SPFL warned that they don’t have money to help clubs out with this
  5. Tidser part two Sunday & Tam OWare on Wednesday
  6. Morton reporting a loss of 75k last year, which would have been 575 if 500k of the loan wasn’t written off https://twitter.com/kieranmaguire/status/1234749398833356800?s=21 The 12 full time SPFL clubs who made a loss for 2018/19: Aberdeen (£1m) Dundee (£1.8m) Dundee Utd (£3.7m) Dunfermline ('substantial loss') Falkirk (£700k) Inverness CT (£892k) Morton (£75k) Motherwell (£436k) Rangers (£11.3m) Raith (£200k) Ross County (£1.4m) St Johnstone (£150k)
  7. Adam Livingstone starting for clyde
  8. Nothing there to suggest the two are connected
  9. 1-1 draw with alloa and Partick, best result we could’ve hoped for really
  10. It would’ve been faster to list the things you do like
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