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  1. Hearts have more international goalkeepers on their books than Queen of the South have players.
  2. He left quite a while ago now, just been DM running things.
  3. Me seeing I can upload as many reaction pictures as I like.
  4. Danny Rogers leaves Aberdeen. Hopefully we’ll be able to get him back.
  5. Much better player for us than many expected, a pretty good overall career for the guy as well. All the best to him.
  6. We must’ve given him an extension and kept it quiet then, bizarre.
  7. He was already tied up to 2021 tbf, but the decision to give him that deal in the first place isn’t any less baffling.
  8. You’d have to think so. It’d seem a bit foolish turning down a contract at the minute.
  9. That’s a bit of a shame about McHugh, been a good player for us since joining, though probably not good enough to start every week if we want a genuine chance of promotion at some point.
  10. Scott Fox has activated his relegation release clause at Partick. Do not even think about it Morton.
  11. It would be very Morton to commemorate 100 years since a cup win, 98 years later.
  12. Facilities/actually getting in would be the obvious issue, but I reckon if we used all 4 stands we could just about manage not far off our average attendance doing social distancing.
  13. “James Anderson” is the name, offering to help clubs with testing/covering costs, going into the millions. Apparently it’d be distributed fairly, so we’d be in line for a decent amount.
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